Guide To Buying Children’s Bikes

Cycling from a young age helps children grow up with basic road skills. A kid with a bike has an abundance of possibilities to discover. It not only helps children socialize, be independent and have fun but helps them exercise without much effort. Every child loves a bike. From learner’s bikes with training wheels to kids’ mountain bikes, children’s bicycles range from age 3 to 10 and more. Children usually outgrow their younger version of bikes. This poses the question whether you buy your children an up-scale bike from a good bike shop or a down-scale bike from the nearest bike store. Children’s bikes(birk) from the best brands have easy maneuver, better steering, and a good brake system. These bikes are strong yet lightweight, making it easier for children to handle. Ridgeback bikes are recommended bikes for kids. One of the best starting bikes for your children is a bike with removable training wheels. Once your kids master cycling on it, you can take off the training wheels to teach them serious cycling.

A 20-inch and 24-inch wheel bikes are appropriate for average children’s bike(sykkel) size if you do not want to replace it every time your kids grow. The very first bike should be a tricycle or a 12-inch bike with training wheels. It can progress to a 16-inch wheel when they are 4-6. From 6-10 years, children can ride a 20-inch wheel, and ages 9-12 are suitable for a 24-inch. After that, they can ride young adults’ bikes, which come in all kinds of types and designs. Ridgeback bikes are a popular brand that makes age-appropriate bicycles. Always look for lighter bikes(elsykkel) that suit children’s build and weight. Big wheels for little children are not recommended as the steering will be less responsive and reaching the handlebars will become difficult. Big wheels also add more weight to a bike. The up-side of big wheels is they are better for curbing and rolling over bumps.

Easy to operate two-finger adult levers are suitable for children, and they must be placed within easy reach of the bars. Higher and closer bars give children a more upright position to ride, which they would prefer. When it comes to suspension forks, air sprung forks are the best. These are lighter and can be adjusted easily. There are many kids bicycle brands and among them Ridgeback bikes(landeveissykkel), Giant and Rebel-Kidz have excellent choices for different ages. Buying your kid’s bike from a trusted store, which supplies better-quality original products, will be a good investment. Make sure to buy the protective gear, including a bike helmet for a safer cycling experience.